Yes, the practice is enrolled in products by the Tan ID Number (TIN) level and all providers will be enrolled in each selected product.

No, the ACO is committed to your practice remaining independent.   There are requirements for each product your practice chooses to participate in. The ACO will communicate these requirements to you as well as provide your teams with programs and resources to help you be successful with these requirements.

Yes, your practice does need to be working within an E.H.R. Many of the products require communication between the ACO team and the individual practices though the E.H.R. This allows for the ACO to provide coordinated care to each patient and to keep each provider updated with current information about your patients ER & hospital admissions.

An ACO is a relatively new method of providing healthcare that focuses on quality and lowering the cost of care. Accountable Care Organizations are composed of independent healthcare providers that partner together to improve the quality of healthcare while lowering the cost.

SW Provider ACO provides the leadership needed to meet the challenges of the market and provides population health services to help your practice succeed in value-based contracts. The ACO works in collaboration to negotiate competitive contracts with Governmental, Medicare Advantage and Commercial products.

Yes, our ACO strives to improve communication between Primary-Care providers, Hospitals and Specialists in order to provide more comprehensive care to our patients and lower the costs of healthcare.

The extra costs have been negotiated within the ACO contracts with the payers to provide SW Provider ACO with the needed funds for the provision of population health services for physicians and their attributed patients. SW Provider ACO’s goal is to help physicians meet or exceed the agreed upon quality standards and manage their attributed patients in a more cost effective methods.

By partnering with SW Provider ACO your practice will remain independent while having access to the leadership, services and structure needed to be successful in the new value based world of healthcare.

SW Provider ACO is physician owned and lead. Our ACO has a board of participating physicians that vote on all contracts prior to any contracts are signed.