SW Provider ACO Established in 2014

We are a physician owned organization focused on delivering high quality care, lowering costs and improving the overall patient experience. We have created a partnership of collaborating independent healthcare providers working towards these goals. In the year since inception, SW Provider ACO has grown to over 250 primary-care providers, serving patients across the central Texas region.

Partnering Provider Groups


Primary Care


Central TX Covered Patients



  • Support Independent Physician Groups
  • Provide Excellent Care for Patients
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction
  • Lower Healthcare Costs
Our ACO measures itself in the following areas:

  • Patient / Caregiver Experience
  • Care Coordination
  • Patient Safety
  • Preventive Health
  • At-Risk Population

Board Members

  • Kevin Spencer M.D. – ACO President
  • Kurt Frederick M.D. – ACO Medical Director
  • Joel Goode M.D. – Board Member
  • Dieter Martin M.D. – Board Member
  • Brent Cardwell, M.D. – Board Member

Leadership Team

  • Kevin Spencer, M.D. – ACO President
  • J. Kurt Frederick, M.D. – ACO Medical Director
  • David McCormick – Executive Director
  • Pam Audish, RN, BSN, CCM – VP Medical Management

Medical Management Committee

  • Kurt Frederick- ACO Medical Director – Premier Family Physicians
  • Kevin Spencer M.D. – Premier Family Physicians
  • Pompeyo Chavez M.D. – Family Health Center of Bastrop
  • Tommy George M.D.   – Austin Diagnostic Clinic
  • Daniel Shih M.D. – PreventiaMed Hospitalist/SNF
  • Gurneet Kohli M.D. – Ambulatory Intensive Care Condition Clinic